4th Sturgeon Conference held in Warsaw on 24th November 2010

That year it attracted more than 160 participants.

After comprehensive introduction there was extraordinary practical workshop on sex and gonad staging identification. Participants were divided in 3 groups because of so many people and allow everyone to see and hear well. Special space was prepared in internal car park where alive sturgeons were swimming in portable ponds. Prof. Mikhail Chebanov and dr Elena Galich conducted those workshops. Staff was equipped in 2 cameras so everyone was able to see live on big plasma screens USG image of examined fish and parallel with Prof. Mikhail Chebanov analyze its sex and gonad stage. All eager to test fish on their own were more than welcome to do it assisted by world class specialists.

Also themes concerning caviar definition attracted big attention. Mario Pazzaglia, manager of the biggest European caviar company – Agroittica Lombarda, told us about caviar definition by Codex Alimentarius. Paolo Bronzi (WSCS) said “Caviar is not a caviar” and explained how caviar is perceived and which products you can find on the market behind this name. How sturgeon aquaculture develops we heard from prof. Ryszard Kolman (IRS).
Prof. Harald Rosenthal lectures about WSCS role and sturgeon for stocking production technology completed the whole.
There was also completely new topic, discussed also in the lobby. New sturgeon feed for fish from which caviar is obtained by ceaserian section was introduced by Jens Erik Zerrahn – Aller Aqua R&D director.

See photo gAllery.

Year by year Sturgeon Conference in Warsaw organized by Aller Aqua attracts more and more participants, each year from new countries. It is very good event for experience exchange and obtaining information about newest production methods. We hope that we will meet your expectations also next editions.

Right now we invite you to the Sturgeon Conference 2011. If you have any suggestions for that event please do not hesitate to contact organizers ad@aller-aqua.pl.