Всемирное обществе сохранения осетровых рыб World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS) о выпуске ГКУ КК «Кубаньбиоресурсы» зрелых производителей и личинок осетровых на исторические естественные нерестилища.

28 мая 2023

In recent years at each breeding season the State Center for the Conservation of the Gene pool of the sturgeon
“Kubanbioresursi” (WSCS member) has released mature ready-to-spawn spawners of several endangered sturgeon species (Beluga, Ship sturgeon and Sterlet) directly into Special Protection Natural Areas which are historical natural spawning grounds in Kuban River (upstream all dams). With mature spawners, 300,000 Ship sturgeon pre-larvae were released into the wild at the same time.

It is only a partial release program of several sturgeon species of different age groups into the Kuban River, from the upper reaches to the mouth of the river, to revive populations in their natural habitat. This program, in turn, is part of the Sturgeon Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan, which includes improving habitat, ensuring environmentally acceptable water releases from dams, increasing passage efficiency for fish to overcome the dams, the cleaning of the channel and the lower reaches of the river, the reduction of pollution to restore natural propagation and the fight against poaching.

Источник: https://www.wscs.info/informing-the-public-of-conservation-actions-and-achievements-in-russia/ 

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