Genetic collection of sturgeons in Kuban

Scientist-breeders from Kuban are spawning starlet and sturgeons in special conditions. The Krasnodar Territory has 40 enterprises spawning sturgeons, most of them receive hatchlings from the Federal Breeding-Genetic Center of Fisheries, reports.

Today fish such as starlet, sturgeon and barbell sturgeon are on the brink of extinction, there are hardly any left in Russian rivers. The fishery center has thousands of species, depending on the weight and breed of a specific fish the price may reach a million rubles. The fish grow faster in artificial conditions.

“The influence of economic activities is also negative. It is both river pollution and other work. But above all it is people’s activity, aimed at fishing the most valuable kinds of fish of immature age, they leave no offspring. That is why we can only maintain this population artificially”, the director of the south branch of the center ‘Kuban’ Mikhail Chebanov said.